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About Us

We are two videographers & friends, with years of experience filming weddings for many happy couples.

Weddings are funny, so much time and care is put into a day that for most couples, whizzes by so fast it is almost a blur! A beautiful wedding film captures the events and emotions of the day for you to look back on and share with your loved ones forever.

Our approach is non-intrusive and professional. We like to capture the true feeling of the day by staying out of the way and working hard to capture every moment and surprise, we are on the ball and a friendly pair of faces.

We also believe high-end wedding films do not need to cost a ridiculous amount. What sets a film apart is the skill in capturing the emotion and story, so while we do use top-of-the-range cinematic cameras, our focus is on capturing the moments of the day that are important to you, rather than flashy, expensive shots.

There are a range of packages available, but we know every wedding is unique, so please do get in touch and let us know what you are looking for, even if you are not sure yourself just yet!

Thanks for checking out our site & best of luck with your wedding

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